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From the Bavarian Brewery

Besides providing a Tribute to over 200 Bavarian Brewery workers by listing their names, an effort was made to create portrait like photos of some of those involved with the brewery below, in a style similar to those in a school yearbook. The photographs span some 80 years; from the 1880s to the early 1900s (Pre-Prohibition) and  from the mid 1940s to the 1960s (Post WWII). The individual photos were primarily created by cropping and editing faces from group photographs. On some of the group pictures the names of the individuals were mentioned, which made it possible to associate certain photos with specific names.  Some named photos were also supplied by relatives and friends.  If you have a photo you'd like to add of someone formerly with the Bavarian Brewery, please complete the Add A Name form on the Tribute page. There are about two dozen named photos below, representing about 10 percent of those names on the Tribute list.

Unfortunately, most of the group photos used to create portraits below did not include names. Nevertheless, there was an interest in still recognizing other former Bavarian Brewery workers with portrait style photos. After all, many of the unnamed photos are for workers that are contained on the Tribute list. There are about three dozen of these, which may represent about 15 percent of those named on the Tribute list. They are located below the alphabetical list of photos in two groups; Before Prohibition and Post WWII. Ultimately, it is hoped some of these unnamed photos may eventually be identified by family or friends visiting this page and by contacting us. Please know that most of the pictures herein are included as a collage in one of the window displays of the Bavarian Brewery Exhibit, located in the Kenton County Government Center, Covington, KY.

Note: Due to the limited resolution of portrait photos, please be advised that unlike nearly all of the other pictures on this website that can be enlarged, the photos on this page cannot be selected and made larger.


Below are photos of those involved in the brewery we were able to identify. The photos are listed alphabetically. The difference in the coloring of the photos depict the different periods they were taken. Those photos that are tinted in brownish shades are from the Pre-Prohibition era and those that are black and white are from Post WWII period. Should there be any names below that need to be modified, please let us know


The photos below were taken from group photos of Bavarian Brewery workers from the 1880s to the early 1900's. However, the names of these former employees are unknow.  Some of these individuals were German immigrants and had previously been associated with the brewery business. If you are able to identify any of these men, please contact us.  


The photos below were taken from company parties and group photos of Bavarian Brewery workers from the the mid-1940s to the mid-1960s.  They were mostly taken from some company parties and group photos. However, the names of these former employees are unknow.  If you are able to identify any of these men, please contact us.  

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The Historic and Former
Bavarian Brewery

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