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It was not uncommon for brewers to issue Patches and Pins.  Instead of having custom uniforms, a patch could easily be inserted on a standard work shirt for many of the employees. For recognition or achievements, pins were also issued to employees.  Besides issuing patches and pins to employees, they could also used for advertising and promotional purposes.  



In addition to uniforms or patches, brewers would provide pins sometimes for recognition and awards to employees. The pin shown on the left is for safe driving from the 1950s. It was intended to be worn on a driver's hat. They were awarded each year at the annual Drivers and Helpers Dinner, which was co-sponsored by Bavarian Brewing Co. and Columbia Transportion. According to the July edition of Bavarian's News Tap, it began around 1950 and in 1956 a total of about 75 pins were awarded at the dinner. Only a dozen of these were 5-year pins.

The pin on the right recognizes service and is from the late 1950s to the mid 1960s. It was make with 10K gold. 


Bavarian Safe Drive Pin.jpg
IBI 20-yr pin.jpg

In addition to uniforms or shirts, brewers also provided patches for clothing worn by their employees.  Below are such patches.  The two with the dark background below would have dated between 1946 to 1957, and were likely sometime in the 1950s. The photo below is of a Bavarian Driver / Salesman, Joe Schmeh.  He wore a patch on his jacket similar to the larger patch shown below. The smaller patch may have been placed on shirts worn during warmer weather when jackets were not needed. 

Bavarians Old Style Patch.jpg
Bavarians Old Style Patch Large darkst.jpg
scarce-1930s-bavarians-beer-covington_Gold on White.jpg
Bavarians Old Style Patch Small.jpg
Bavarians Old Style Patch red large small.jpg
Bavarian/s 1957 - 1966.

This patch below reflects the new design change for Bavarian's beer.  These patches could be worn on hats of the dirvers / salesmen for Bavarian. the material of the hat below is similar to the material of the uniform of the drivers in the photo above. The hat shown below belonged to the man in the picture above, and the image of both the had and photo was provided courtesy of his son, Gary Schmeh. 

Bavarians Select Patch.jpg
Trademark from Tray B in B.png

The Historic and Former
Bavarian Brewery

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