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As discussed under the the beginning section on Ads, it has been common for businesses to frequently change their sayings or slogans used in advertising.  The Bavarian Brewing Co. was no exception, and frequently changed their slogans, especially after Prohibition. Some different sayings were also used about a year after Bavarian merged with International Breweries Inc. (IBI) in early 1959.

The Chronological Listing of Bavarian's Ad Slogans

Identifying the time period of Bavarian's slogans is useful to help date their advertising memorabilia. The earliest slogans for Bavarian's were found before Prohibition. Most of these sayings and time periods were obtained through the newspaper ads contained in this section and noticing their publication dates. A summary of Bavarian's different sayings, along with the year they began to be used, are listed below.  

"Bavarian Beer? Why of Course!" (c. 1900)

"Quality in Every Drop"  (c. 1900)

"Imported Quality at Regular Prices" (1935)

"The Beer that Hits the Spot" (1938)

"Creamy Top!" (1938)

“Always the Same Fine Quality”  (c. 1940)

"Have you tried Schott Ale?"  (1940)

“A Fine Beer Takes Time to Brew”  (1945)

“It's A Man’s Beer” - “Bavarian's Old Style Beer” (1946 - 1948)

“It's A Man’s Sport, It's A Man’s Beer” (1947 - 1949)

"A Man’s Beer” (1949 - 1954)

“A Man’s Sport, A Man’s Beer” (1950 - 1952)

"A Man's Job, A Man's Beer" (1950 - 1952)

"Take Home a Case of Old Style"  (1952)


“Man, That Satisfies!”  (Early 1953)

"When a Fella Needs a Beer...Time for Bavarian's Old Style"  (1953)

"That Women Like Too!"  (Late 1953)


“A Man’s Beer...And Hers Too!”  (1954)

"...And Hers Too!"  

"The Promise of Flavor...At Its Finest”  (1955)

“ its Finest”

"...It's a Promise"

"Beer at its absolute best!"

“Brewed Nature’s Way” (1957)

“Brewed the Old Style Way...Nature's Way”   (Late 1957)

“Brewed the Old Style Way" (1958)

“Enjoy Old World Quality...American Style”  (1959)

“How About That!”  (1960)

“The Beer You Can Stay With”  (1961)

“Mel-O-Dry to Satisfy”  (1961 - 1963)

“The Prize-Winning Beer”  (1963)

“Things Liven Up...With Bavarian/s...The Bold Beer”  (1964 - 1966)

"Bavarian/s...The Bold Beer"


Some of the recurrent words used in Bavarian's slogans were:





You are encouraged to view the above mentioned slogans contained in the Breweriana advertising memorabilia and from over 150 ads in the following four time periods: 

1) Pre-Prohibition; Before 1919

2) After Prohibition and Before the end of WWII; 1933 - 1945

3) After WWII through the mid 1950s; 1946 - 1956

4) After the Bavarian's modified their name and image until the brewery closed; 1957 - 1966

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The Historic and Former
Bavarian Brewery

In Covington, Kentucky

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