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In the late 1950s, increased use of plastic lead many brewers to promote their beer with unique types of lighting. Instead of standard neon or backlit signs, hanging signs, lanterns, lamps and other types of more unusual lighted signs were being used.  In particular, after International Breweries Inc. (IBI) acquired Bavarian Brewing Co. in 1959, it seemed that their sign promotion was more geared to various specialty signs.   They were often were smaller, had interesting designs and were less expensive to make. However, they often attracted attention, because they were different. These specialty signs from IBI were also sometimes modified for their other brands; often they were not just for Bavarian/s. 

Hanging Signs.

Circa 1959 - 1966: After International Breweries Inc. (IBI) acquired Bavarian, some different types of lighted hanging signs were introduced. The sign on the right emits a bright red light, which may have involved some motion. The signs below have the same frame, but different inserts. The insert on the left has clear etched glass, white the other has a textured white background. The flags in the logos on bottom also have different images/letters.


Lantern Style Bavarian/s Select Beer Lighted Sign by IBI.

Hanging Lanterns & Lamp

There were at least four lantern styles provided by IBI for Bavarian/s, and one lamp. The triangular "Ivy" lantern on the far left also had two other types of inserts that could be placed in the same frame as illustrated on the bottom. There was also a fixture below that was used as a lamp, and as a hanging light, which rotated.