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Gratitude is extended to the following for their assistance:

William P. Schott, particularly for photographs and several documents, belonging to his relatives that were donated to the Behringer - Crawford Museum that became the Schott Family Collection, augmented by items provide by L. Ried Schott. 

Laurie Risch and Jason French, associated with the noted museum. This museum is also the curator of the Bavarian Brewery Exhibit, maintaining and periodically changing some of the items in the display cabinets.

​Gary Schmeh, whose father was an employee of the Bavarian Brewery, and who allowed photos to be taken of his collection of numerous Bavarian Breweriana items.

Robert Musson, M.D., who provided various  photos of Bavarian Breweriana, and whose Zepp Publications provided assistance in developing the format for this website.

Kris Knochelmann, Executive Judge of Kenton County, who provided assistance in this endeavor.

Kenton County Public Library, who provided various photographs.

Queen City Chapter of the National Association of Brewing Advertising,

especially Dave Gauspohl, Tom Waller and Carl Groh.

Descendants of William Riedlin, Linda White and Ann White,

There were also previous individuals, now deceased, who provided information that was instrumental in discovering the history of the Bavarian Brewery.

Louis L. Schott, who provided correspondence and items in connection with the redesign of Bavarian's logo.

William R. Schott, who provided the Bavarian Brewing Co. minutes from 1938-1959.

C. B. Truesdell, who prepared an unpublished History of the Bavarian Brewing Co. from 1866 - 1954.

A great deal of effort was personally provided from the creator of this website, who categorized the information chronologically, researched ads and articles from newspapers, processed and often edited photographs, analyzed the information obtained and conducted additional research reflected in the write ups of the sections contained herein.  He also shared recollections and insights from his father, uncle and grandfather who worked at the brewery and who are all descendants of the brewery's founder, William Riedlin. 


C/o Behringer Crawford Museum

1600 Montague Road

Covington, KY 41011

For: Bavarian Brewery Assoc.

​Tel: 859.491.4003 


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The Historic and Former
Bavarian Brewery

In Covington, Kentucky

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