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There are different ways you can donate or contribute, not just to support the heritage of the Bavarian Brewery, but also other preservation efforts, especially involving Covington and Kenton Co., KY.

Collectibles, Information & Memories

Help preserve the history of the Bavarian Brewery! If you have any collectible items, information or stories related to the former Bavarian and Heidelberg breweries, as well as other former Greater Cincinnati breweries, please consider providing them through the Behringer Crawford Museum. Gifts of physical items may be eligible for a tax deduction with supporting documentation provided by the museum.  Even if you may have collectible brewery items you do not want to donate at this time, and if they aren't on this site, please provide any images of those items along with descriptions as indicated in the sidebar and submit to

Should you have any information about any items not described in this site, or that may be improperly identified, please let us know.

Any stories or memories you have about relatives or friends that worked in the brewery would also be appreciated. Such information and stories can also be provided through the contact information shown in the sidebar.  



Equally important as gifts of money or items, is the gift of your time to not only help and preserve the history of the brewery through:

1) Research - to provide documentation into the rich history of Bavarian Brewing Co. & Covington, KY

2) Website Support -  including editing, graphics, commentary, etc.

3) Social Media Assistance - to respond to inquiries and comments from Facebook, Twitter, etc.

4) Tours - guides are needed to provide occasional brewery tours & for presentations.

Monetary Support


It takes financial support to maintain and improve this virtual museum website, to obtain and preserve artifacts and to provide various events and presentations. A financial donation can be made by check or credit card to a separate Bavarian Brewery Account, which can be tax deductible - for the maintenance, acquisition and curation of Bavarian Beer Exhibit and artifacts in the Kenton Co. Gov't Center - maintained by the Behringer Crawford Museum. Contact information for the museum, provided in the sidebar, can also assist you if you'd like to establish any endowments or make other gifting arrangements. 


C/o Behringer Crawford Museum

1600 Montague Road

Covington, KY 41011

For: Bavarian Brewery Exhibit

​Tel: 859.491.4003 

Or email the museum.

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The Historic and Former
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In Covington, Kentucky

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