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Especially in the summer months, a common setting for beer advertisements was to have an ice cold beer while at a picnic or and outdoor BBQ. To assist a beer customer and cook at a BBQ, or simply cooking at home in a kitchen, brewers sometimes provided aprons with promotional messages, as shown below.  In addition, T-Shirts, hats and other apparel items were often provided as well, and an example of the former item is also shown below. 


c. Late 1940s to Mid 1950s. There apron on the left is somewhat older, using the slogan "A Man's Beer." The apron on the right used the slogan that began in about 1955 and was discontinued in 1957.

c. Late 1950's to Mid 1960's. The aprons below both include the three flag symbol for Bavarian/s that was part of the "New Look" image that began in 1957. The apron below right is somewhat unusual as it didn't provide any shirt protection.


c. Early 1960s.  Bavarian had a few different T-shirt designs. The one below is similar to the colors and design in the apron above left.

Trademark from Tray B in B.png

The Historic and Former
Bavarian Brewery

In Covington, Kentucky

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