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After Kenton County acquired the Bavarian Brewery in 2016 property they asked people to share their recollections and memories of the Bavarian Brewery with a link on their website.  Several of these recollections can be viewed below.  In addition, others have recently been willing to share their stories that are also provided below. Any memories we remain confidential, unless you specifically request your name to be shown. If you  see a story below that you submitted, and would like your name attached, please confirm your name when you submitted it.


The Bavarian Brewery brewed and distributed beer. However, it also provided livelihoods and an extended family to many men and women who worked at the brewery.  The children and even grandchildren of family and friends that were involved with the brewery had some meaningful memories of the brewery as well.  Further, after the brewery property was renovated an used as Brew Works and Jillian's, there were also others that had gainful employment and had unique experiences. Please share your memories my submitting the form on the right.

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Cold Pretzels & Root Beer at the Bavarian Tap Room

One weekend while I was in grade school my father needed to go to work at the Bavarian Brewery and took me along.  It was a real treat when he showed me the Bavarian Tap Room.  I remember sitting down at a big table, and feeling like an adult.  There was someone attending the room and I seem to recall them being hesitant with what to do with me.  However, after they pondered for a moment, I was asked if I wanted something to eat and drink.  In a refrigerator full of beer, they also had some soda and stick pretzels.  The cold pretzels were served to me in a small wood bowl and the root beer came in a frosty mug.  It was an extremely enjoyable experience for me that I’ll never forget.  It was my first beer in a bar!  I don’t believe I’ve ever had refrigerated pretzels again, but at the time, I thought they were great.  It’s been many years since, but whenever I buy or see stick pretzels, I often recall visiting the Bavarian Tap Room with my dad.  

Milkmen vs. Beer Men

Many evenings after work some of the Bavarian workers and the milkmen from the Hanneken Dairy next door would play horseshoes in the lot between the two buildings. Occasionally on a weekend they would meet and hold a tournament, pitting brewery workers against the milkmen.  They would light up the grills and have a great time.


Bavarian Brewery as a Second Family

My dad joined the brewery work crew in the late '40s or early '50s. He was fresh from the army and he needed a job to feed his several children. When he came to work at Bavarian's, he also gained a second family. My dad owed his re-entry to civilian life to Bavarian Brewery. His "work family" supported him all the way.

Singing Beer Drivers

My dad and his helper delivered bottled beer and they loved to sing while they were working.  In many places where they delivered beer, especially bars, they were known as "the singers."  They loved to harmonize and sometimes received requests to sing when they were making deliveries.  There were many times when they were graciously rewarded by the bar patrons with beer for singing.

The Smell Good Beer Taster

Before my father pasted away 1962. He was a master brewer at Bavarian Brewery. He had, what I thought in my teenage years, the best job you could possibly want. He had to sample the vats of beer to make sure they had the best tasting beer around. He was not a beer drinker as far as socially goes. But as a child I could always tell when dad was home from work. The aroma of beer filled the house.

Beer Shots

When I was growing up, there were always Bavarian’s Beer in cases in the garage and bottles in the refrigerator.  My dad often had a beer and my grandparents would always have a Bavarian’s or two with dinner, and sometimes after.  So, it was common for me to see beer bottles around the home at a very young age.  A couple times a month my parents would drop me off at my grandparents to spend a night. When I was about six years old, I recall that my grandparents had a tray in the kitchen where they kept small sized (7oz) beer glasses that they used to drink beer with dinner. Beside them was a shot glass - for me. When we sat down at dinner, they would poor beer in my shot glass and we would drink beer together during our meal.  Apparently, my parents were unaware of this.  When I was a couple years older, and I thought I was becoming more of an adult, my grandparents started to fill half of one of the small glasses with beer for me.  Looking back, when my parents picked me up after spending the night, my grandparents always said I was well behaved and had a good night’s slept.  I’m unsure how it happened, but my mom found out about my beer drinking with my grandparents after a weekend stay.  That was the end of beer for me  - until I was a good deal older.  However, my fond memories of Bavarian’s Beer and my grandparents sometimes reemerge whenever I see a shot glass.

The Brewery Aroma in Willow Run Valley

My family lived in a small cottage on West 12th street in the mid 1950's.  Aside from fond memories of witnessing the construction of I-75 through Park Hills and Covington and the good life with my family and neighbor children, I remember the yeasty sour odor that would periodically fill the Willow Run valley.  I recall thinking the air stunk and complaining to Mom and Dad about it and being told the brewery had tapped its' tanks.  The kind reader should not view this remembrance as being bad but rather nostalgic!  The long-neck bottles of Covington’s own Bavarian beer could be seen in the refrigerators of my parents and grandparents.

Tonsils and Bavarian's Beer

…I had to have my tonsils removed at St. Elizabeth… I went to work with my father to wait until admitting time at the hospital. He worked in the canning room. I was amazed to see a conveyor coming from a doorway near the ceiling. where open cans were held to the conveyor by magnets and just before entering the filling machine the cans would be inverted to make sure there was nothing in the empty can. The can again inverted inside the filling machine. The filled cans came out without a lid before entering the next machine where the lid was affixed. One of my dad’s coworkers pulled a full can from the conveyor and handed it to me saying:  “Here drink this and you will feel better after the operation". Many years later I dropped my daughter off at Jillian’s and was delighted to see that it was located in the canning room that I had visited decades before.

What's Behind the Big Blue Windows?

A lady vividly recalls her childhood fears walking home past the Bavarian Brewery when she was in the first grade.  She was taunted by some older kids who scared her to think there was giant guy who lived behind a big house with blue windows who ate little girls.  She continued to be scared of this place, until one day her father told her that this house only contained barrels of beer that were aged in darkness behind blue painted windows. (Please read the full story.)


Brew Works...Ahead of Its Time

I used to work at Brew Works back in 1997. I have a facebook page with over 350 members ( ).  Brew Works was owned by Ken Lewis, who also owns The Party Source. He put over $22 million into that place. It was an amazing feat. It was way ahead of its time. Brew Works would have been an amazing success today, with all of the breweries popping up. I love that historic building…

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