Simply defined, an advertisement is a public notice - promoting a product, service, event or idea. The first ads were sales messages made on papyrus in ancient Greek and Rome, and also in Egypt. In ancient China, ads were made of inked papers and calligraphy signboards between 1100 and 700 BC. It wasn't until the invention of the printing press in 1440 that ads could be printed. Still, it required advances in printing and about 300 years before the first newspaper ads appeared during the 1700's in English newspapers. However, the first paid advertisements did not occur until around the early 1800's. Essentially, advertisements were at first largely limited to printed matter including newspapers, pamphlets, directories, direct mail/catalogs, programs, posters and magazines.


However, the use of ads have expanded with the invention of other mass medium communications including; radio (1920's), television (late 1940's) cable TV (1980's) and the Internet, particularly using social media platforms (early 2000's). Interestingly, the use of social media platforms have become so profound that it has reduced the use of most forms of paper advertisements and has drastically reduced the number of newspapers and magazines beginning in around the millennium in 2000. 

The First Beer Ad

The date of the very first ad for beer is unknown. However, there were likely were notices of beer and ale in America in newspapers in the late 1700's.  In the Cincinnati area where the Bavarian Brewery was located, notices of ale and beer were in local papers as the city was being establishment in the early 1880's. The first ad discovered thus far for Bavarian was in Covington, KY, city directory in the 1870's. There were also several print ads found in different publication before Prohibition (Please see Ads Before 1919.)

The Advertising Periods For Bavarian

The advertisements obtained for Bavarian presented herein were mostly print ads in newspapers, and to a much lesser extent in some directories and programs. However, some outdoor /billboard  and radio advertisements were also procured. The presentation of these ads were divided into the following four periods:

1) As mentioned, the first was Pre-Prohibition, before 1919.

2) After Prohibition and Before the end of WWII (1933 - 1945)

3) After WWII through the mid 1950's (1946 - 1956)

4) After the Bavarian's modified their name and image until the brewery closed (1957 - 1966).

Please select the dates mentioned above to view ads from those periods. 

Besides mostly print ads, a couple radio jingles and ads for the two periods after Prohibition were obtained.  Bavarian began to advertise when TV was first introduced to the Cincinnati area around 1948. Efforts are being made to obtain some of those early TV ads associated with some television broadcasts Bavarian sponsored, e.g. Midwestern Hayride, Monday Night Fights and Abbott and Costello. 

A total of over 150 print ads for Bavarian Brewing Co. and the firm that acquired it, International Breweries Inc. (IB) were obtained.  Because of the number of print ads and their character of providing a public notice to promote and sell a beer via mass media distribution, these ads are presented separately from other Breweriana items. 

Advertising Slogans

It has been common for businesses to have slogans or sayings to promote their products or services for over a century.  Companies periodically change their slogans from time to time, and Bavarian was no exception. Particular through newspaper ads, but also from advertising memorabilia (See Breweriana) it was possible to assemble a list of slogans for Bavarian / Bavarian's Beer for several decades. A list of these sayings can be found under Bavarian's Ad  Slogans

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The Historic and Former
Bavarian Brewery

In Covington, Kentucky