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Images displayed on this website were provided with the consent of those individuals or entities as noted for the rights to display them on this website. Further, permission was also obtained to display certain items and images at the former Bavarian Brewery (now part of the the Kenton Co. Government Center) in Covington, KY. We have also provided various acknowledgements for their use. In particular, most of the photographs in the History section are part of the Schott Collection at the Behringer - Crawford Museum and L. R. Schott. In addition, most of the Breweriana items are part of the collection of Gary Schmeh, unless otherweise noted, and were photographed with permission. Such items are also not to be be used without written consent by their owners.

Should there be any concerns over the use of any of the images used, or if there is any information provided that needs to be corrected, please let us know at We are willing to remove any image if necessary, modify any improper description and correct any inaccuracies.

All Rights Reserved

The content, organization, descriptions, analysis and placement of images within this website with the noted permission obtained, were researched and prepared by L. R. Schott and are the property of Webvisers Inc. or its successor, with all rights reserved. Any part of this website, or the exhibits prepared by L. R. Schott, exhibited in the Historic Bavarian Brewery that is part of the Kenton Co. Government Center, curated by the Behringer-Crawford museum and also shown on or from this website, are not to be copied or reproduced without written permission. Please contact and info@bcmuseum.


C/o Behringer Crawford Museum

1600 Montague Road

Covington, KY 41011

For: Bavarian Brewery Assoc.

​Tel: 859.491.4003 


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The Historic and Former
Bavarian Brewery

In Covington, Kentucky

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