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To those Past Employees
Of Bavarian Brewing Co.​

Employment at Bavarian grew from about 50 people in the early 1890's to about 200 before Prohibition.  After Prohibition, employment grew to as many as some 300 people at its peak in the early 1950s.   Some of those employees worked at Bavarian before Prohibition for over 35 years and for 25 years after the brewery reopened. This section is a tribute to those dedicated people that worked at the Bavarian Brewing Co.

If you would like to have a name added for someone that worked for Bavarian that is not on the list below, use the form to add someone. Please  provide us with your contact information to reach you should we have follow-up questions.  Additionally, we would like to plan some special tours and events for past employees and their descendants.  Having your information by completing the sidebar form would be helpful for us to notify you of this.

 A partial list of these men and women is below.  It was compiled from corporate minutes, newsletters, letters, memos and other documents.  For those names that have an asterisk, photos are available for these individuals on the Workers Photos page.  In addition, please visit Memories of the Bavarian Brewery, consisting of some interesting experiences.


If you know of someone that worked at Bavarian Brewing Co. who is not on the accompanying list on this page, please let us know.  Please submit their name along with any documentation that would indicated the department they worked in, the years and possibly their titles.  

Thanks! Message sent.

There is additional information for those employees shown on this page, including the source used and the years they worked. However, not all of this information is available for each person. Please see the more comprehensive list here. Should you be able to supply additional information about any specific worker, please let us know.

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The Historic and Former
Bavarian Brewery

In Covington, Kentucky

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