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Bavarian Brewery Website

Certain parts of this site have been designed to be more accessible for anyone using a mobile device or smartphone, including the Home Page, all the main tabs and everything in Breweriana. However, the History periods in particular, which essentially comprise a book, are best viewed by computer, laptop or pad. Especially if you may be visiting this brewery, the links below provide more information about certain items that are part of the exhibit.

Advertisements Telling the History of the Brewery

Much of the history of the brewery can be found through mostly newspaper ads, or the shows Bavarian sponsored, which are presented as follows:

1880s - 1919:  Before Prohibition.

1935  -  1945:  After Prohibition and before WWII.

1946  -  1956:  After WWII through the mid 1950's.

1957  -  1966:  After the Bavarian's modified their name - until they closed.

There is an exhibit of Bavarian's Newspaper Ads showing selected ads from the last three periods above that is located on the second floor of the Kenton Co. Gov't Center South Building, outside the Riedlin-Schott Room. Other on-line presentations related to these ads are:

Bavarian's (Radio / TV) Shows: 1938 - 1950s

Posters of Pugilists / Fighters: c. 1954 -1956


Collectible items from the Bavarian Brewery are displayed from over two dozen categories, which are all accessible by smartphones. Examples of most of these items are contained in Bavarian Brewery display cases in the Kenton Co. Government Center. In particular, interesting historical information is presented for the following items:

Beer Ball Knobs / Tap Markers):

Beer Labels:

Bottles / Cases / Cartons:

Cans (Cones & Flat Tops):

Coasters & Napkins:

Crowns / Bottle Caps:

Signs: Neon

Signs: Backlit

View the Equipment Used by Bavarian Brewing Co.

The Brewing Equipment Summary shows photos of the equipment used and describes the brewing process.  In the same hallway as noted above, there is a poster of the Barvarian/s Brewing Process and photos located in original doors of the Brew House dated from 1911 that show the Brewing Equipment that was used on each floor.

The Families Who Owned Bavarian Brewing Co.

The Riedlin and Schott families were linked together through marriage and owned the Bavarian Brewery for an incredible period of 83 years.

William Riedlin Family:  From 1882 to 1937.

     Resolutions of Respect:  To Wm. Riedlin c. 1919

J.M. Schott Sons & The William C. Schott Family:   From 1938 to 1965


Also on the second floor of the noted building, there are graphics that summarize the history of the Riedlin and Schott Families. Inside the Riedlin-Schott Room at the end of the hallway the Resolutions of Respect for Wm. Riedlin is posted on the north wall, next to the display case.

Organizations Involving the Riedlin Family

Following are entities or organizations where the Riedlin Family was active.

     Community Involvement: Of Wm. Riedlin

     Covington Blue Sox - Baseball Team: 1913

     The Covington Turners:


The background is a portion of the Bavarian Brewery Exhibit in the Kenton Co. Gov't Center

located at 1840 Simon Kenton Way, Covington, KY

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The Historic and Former
Bavarian Brewery

In Covington, Kentucky

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