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Many have wondered what a beer brewed over a century ago would taste like if it was brewed today. The great grandson of William Riedlin was curious about this. Riedlin was the owner operator of the Bavarian Brewery in Covington, KY, from 1882 until 1919, and had his own brand, known as Riedlin's Select Beer.  Dormant for over 100 years, this brand is being brought back to life through a collaborative effort between Bircus Brewing Co. in Ludlow, KY and Riedlin's great grandson. It is based on family records including; a list of ingredients per barrel, detailed analytics of the beer, and the brewing process. A test batch of this uniquely recreated beer is planned to be released at the BCCA/NABA Queen City Chapter Luck of the Irish Show in Covington, KY, in mid-March, 2023. For information about the event and to sample this special beer, please contact us at

The Original Label, Bottle, Case & Bottling Plant

In brewing a beer like one that was very popular over 100 years ago, a label was created (above), which is similar to the original label from about 1908, below.  A wood case and bottle used for this beer, along with postcards that show the label and the bottling department where this brand was bottled, are also below. (This former bottling department building, constructed in 1908, is now used by Glier's Goetta.)




Schott Family Collection at the Behringer-Crawford Museum.

Riedlin and Schott family items and information

The background is the interior of the Bavarian Brewery Bottling Department build in 1908.

Trademark from Tray B in B.png

The Historic and Former
Bavarian Brewery

In Covington, Kentucky

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