Non-lighted wall signs for both inside and outside display have been  a popular way for brewers to advertise for decades. They are usually relatively inexpensive and can be varied in size to fit in many different places. This section deals with examples of non-lit signs and a couple banners after Prohibition. For examples before this era, please see Pre-Prohibition Signs.  



Mirrors and reverse painted glass have been a popular means to create beer signs, even before Prohibition. The reflection from the mirror or glass would help provide some attraction. Following are some examples of mirror signs for the Bavarian Brewing Co. For an earlier mirror sign made around 1900 Please see Signs: Pre-Prohibition.

Circa 1946 - 1957.  These Bavarian's Old Style Beer Mirrors  date from 1946 until the mid 1950s. Sometimes the mirror was only partially painted to provide reflection. The small sign on the right measures only 8 by 4 inches and could be placed on a shelf with a cardboard stand. Other signs like the one below could be completely over-painted, and would also include some other element, like the paper strip at the bottom. These signs were larger, about a foot wide, and could easily be hung, or also propped on a shelf.  


Examples of Bavarian signs and a banner displayed below chronologically within two groups.; those for Bavarian's' Old Style Beer and those for Bavarian's Select Beer.

Circa 1946 - 1957.  All the signs below are from the Bavarian Brewing Co. The banner emphasizes the brewer's trademark and shield as well as its slogan.  The next two items the first row have similar frames, but one emphasizes the slogan and the other emphasizes the trade mark and a different slogan - …brewed the old style way. In the middle row the first two items features Bavarian's main "A Man's Beer" slogan. But the last image indicates the "...And Her Too" which began around 1953, and tries to incorporate a feminine touch with the inclusion of what appears to be a planter with some flowers. The last row includes a miniature old style (1908 Buick) to go along with the Bavarian's Old Style Beer. It's possible this miniature car could have been part of a series that included other early cars.













Circa 1959 - 1966.  The following signs are for Bavarian/s Select Beer. With exception of the last sign made for Bavarian Brewing Co., all the others are from International Breweries Inc. (IBI).  The banner sign on the left is from around 1963 and recognizes the first place taste award Bavarian's Select Beer received in Belgium in 1962.  The iiTYWYBAB sign below is supposed to generate the question; What does it mean? The answer is; "If I tell You Will You Buy A Bavarian's?" A similar saying was used in Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath where iitywybad was used in a scene at a bar. It was explained to mean: "If I tell you will you buy another drink?" As this "word" or group of letters has been used by others, sometimes there have been some minor variations where an "m" for "me" is added after the first B, and the last "d" for drink is replaced with a "b" for Beer. Most of the other signs below show the three shields for Bavarian's Select and its symbols for Time, Tradition and Skill.

Trademark from Tray B in B.png

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