There are various items that are basically one of a kind and do not readily fit into any one of the various Breweriana categories continued on this website.  They are considered to be novelty or miscellaneous items, and include a calendar, thermometer, ruler, shopping bag, pencil, etc.  are These items are displayed in the following


1899. Calendars were supplied by breweries, even before Prohibition. An example of such a calendar is shown below from January, 1899. It promotes "Bottled Beer for Family Use." It is also accompanied by a photo in the Bavarian Rathskeller that depicts the image used for this calendar.  



c. Early 1940s. "Take Me Home! I'll be good but keep me cold" -  is the saying on this bag.  Even though the comments on the bag are somewhat comical, they also provide instructive advice on the consumption of unpasteurized draft Jug beer. If such beer wasn't kept cold, it would spoil. The "jug" is a container usually made of glass and  essentially the same as a growler, which contains from 1/2 to 1 gallon.  (Please see Bottles.)  It appears this bag is from the early 1940s when Bavarian "Jug Beer" had a plain top and created the need for this shopping bag. However, in later years the glass growler had a built in ring at the bottle at the top, eliminating the need for a bag.


c. Early 1940s. This pencil was made of metal and plastic. It promotes both Stanley Distributing and Bavarian Beer. It includes the phrase "An old Kentucky Favorite" on the top image, which was an expression used in the early 1940s, shortly after the Schott Brothers acquired the brewery. This phrase can also be seen on an early Neon Sign. The bottom image is rather worn, but said "Stanley Distributing Co." Also, after "Distributors" was the word "of" that wore off. 


c. Early - Mid 1950s. Below are two versions of a Bavarian's Old Style Menu. The style on the left may have only allowed the menu to be printed on one side. The one on the middle was a cover that allowed the insertion of pages, such as the menu on the far right.  To view all the pages that were in this menu, please click here. This menu was for dinner and play for Bavarian Brewing Co. employees held at the Covington Turners (near the brewery) on December 15, 1953.


c. Early - Mid 1950s. This 12" ruler, which also shown centimeters, is made of plastic and promotes Bavarian's Old Style Beer. On one side is a hole, which allows it to easily be hung on a nail in a workshop or closet.   


c. Late 1940s - Early 1950s. During this period when typeset printing was used, much before digital printing, it was necessary to have a special design made of a logo, image or special print style to make ads or posters. This style of printing required each letter or character to be placed on a frame in rows. These characters, or logos, were made in reverse and needed to be inserted upside down to be correct when they were printed.  Typeset logos made for Bavarian's Beer are shown below. First in the way it actually was set, and then in reverse, as it would display once it was actually printed.


c. 1956. This sign was created for Bavarian by Kay Inc. in New York City. It was somewhat like a chalk board allowing the scores to be entered over the entire game. This items was not dedicated to the Cincinnati Reds, as it could also be used to keep track of other teams, particularly Bavarian's semi-pro team that played in the Buckeye league, and teams that played in other leagues with Bavarian's trade area.


c. Early 1960s. A large plastic bottle cap was made for Bavarian/s to use as both a thermometer and a calendar, as shown below.  The "keep cool" saying on the thermometer was not only meant to be cool in summer, but also to probably be "cool" year round. It's believed IBI also made a similar item for a couple of their other brands.  


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