THE BREW WORKS at The Party Source (1996 - 1997)
& JILLIAN'S (1998 - 2006)
The Vision

After owning the former Bavarian Brew property for three decades, the owner, Justin Schneider, desired to sell it in the mid 1990s. Reportedly, he was asking $3.5 million, about 25 times what he originally paid for it in 1967.  To justify paying such a price for a property with buildings that had been neglected for decades and in horrendous condition, it was necessary for someone to have a clear vision of what it could become, and have the knowledge and financial means to follow through.  A successful businessman, Ken Lewis, began working on a concept to redevelop the brewery in 1995, and maybe earlier in 1994.  Lewis founded a chain of stores called Liquor Outlet in 1984 in Louisville, KY, and then changed the name to the Party Source in 1992.  His stores have provided a large variety of liquors, foods and other items that support entertaining, i.e. having a party. His first super store was in Bellevue, KY, just east of Covington, KY, and across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.


His vision was to create a larger Party Source than what he was operating by renovating the Bavarian Brewery, but in addition, to utilize the main castle like structure as a brew pub, which would be called BrewWorks. It would serve freshly micro-brewed beers and ales along with having places to dine - and party. This concept was much ahead of its time, as the trend for micro-breweries was in its infancy. However, it was not just the price for the property that was a possible obstacle, but as the buildings were neglected and in horrible condition, the renovation costs would be substantial. The overall cost of such a project would be difficult support financially without having the proper use, along with possibly some financial assistance.


The Redevelopment

In October of 1995,  Lewis reported that he acquired the former Bavarian Brewery. Even though the sale price for the property was not initially disclosed, the total project was reported to cost $11 million. A little later, the renovation costs were stated at $7.3 million.  Therefore, it appears the sale price for the property may have been close to what was being asked.  Lewis made arrangements to renovate the buildings was Megen Construction.  The minority firm was founded by asldfkjasdljsdfjlkfd, and was only three years old at that time with four employees. This was one of their largest projects at that time. But Lewis was confident that they would be able to deliver in both costs and in the required time frame.  (Please see the sidebar.)

To provide some financial support, Lewis arranged to have a historical preservation credit, and worked with Kenton County, KY, to complete the project.

The Opening of BrewWorks at the Party Source





BrewWorks Coaster-l1600 B.jpg
1996-12-20 The_Cincinnati_Enquirer_Fri__
BrewWorks  OPERATED BY  lkj

After BrewWorks was only opened for one year, Lewis leased the property to 


The Property Becomes JILLIAN'S

After BrewWorks was only opened for one year, Lewis leased the property to 

Jillian's Sign1.jpg

CAMMY Concerts & Awards were held at Jillian's annually.  

 JILLIAN'S is Closed; the Property is Sold

After BrewWorks was only opened for one year, Lewis leased the property to 

Jillian's Sold.jpg

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