After Prohibition advertising options for brewers increased to include a new form of mass media developed during Prohibition during the 1920's; radio.  However, the main form of mass media ads were on print, as displayed in the following.   

Limited Bavarian Beer Ads After the Reopening (1935-1936)

 When Bavarian Brewing Co. began operations after Prohibition they were under capitalized as mentioned in Prohibition and A Reopening.  Evidently, the had limited resources for advertising. It's also appears they did not have a bottling department, as it seems they relied solely on distributing beer through kegs. Only one ad was found that the brewer placed directly. It was within days of its reopening and for Riedlin's Select Beer, as shown below. All the other newspaper ads just appeared within about a year after the brewery reopened. These ads were small, simple and bascially for individual bars and restaurants that were serving Bavarian Beer. Due to finanical difficulties that emerged in mid 1936, it appears Bavarian under the Voorhees management had few if any ads beginning in late 1936 through all of 1937.

New Ownership Increases Advertising (1938 - 1939) 

When Bavarian Brewing Co. reemerged in early 1938 after being sold in bankruptcy court in December, 1937, the new ownership, the Schott Brothers, advertisements began to appear as they increased distribution of bottled beverages. Shown on the left below are its products in bottles featuring Bavarian Master Brand Beer, which was pasturized and availalbe in 12 oz, 32 oz an both pasterized and unpasteurized in half-gallon bottles. Shown on the far right below is a flyer for Bavarian Draft Beer in 1/2 and gallon jugs. (Please see Novelty Items for a jug shopping bag.)  This ad modified a Pre-Prohibition slogan of "A Family Beer" to "Treat the Family."  The newer ads were professinally designed and also began to fashion future advertising messages and slogans. For instance, "Old Style" and "old-fashioned" were mentioned in a couple of the ads below, and Old Style would eventually be part of the Bavarian brand - but not for another eight years. 

A New Label Design

c. 1939 - 1945. Less than a year after Bavarian Brewing Co. introduced its product line the Bavarian Master Brand Beer, the label was changed to a "Blue and Gold Label." - as shown in the accompanying ad that was published in December, 1938. Instead of the brown and cream colors in an oval shape shown above, the new label had brighter colors and was angled, making it more distinctive. At this time it is believed that the brewer's draft beer was simply referred to as Bavarian - in italics.